Casino & sports-betting games

From casino games – poker, bingo, Roulette, slots, blackjack, craps – to sports-betting games – NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, boxing, horse racing, eSports and more – we connect players with the best brands to attract more players while exceeding their expectations for game play

Trading games

We gamify traditional trading by creating unique games that enable
players to bet whether a virtual market will be up or down by a specific time.

Most people find betting on the stock markets to be scary…but
what’s fun is betting on price movements without having to invest in any underlying stock
or market.

That’s why we develop unique, real time trading games, driven
by our own certified Random Number Generator, which delivers that
same rush of trading excitement, only much more frequently, thanks to
incredibly short trading durations (from 10s to 5m).

Our Hilo Trading Game Features:
Virtual market price feed generated by our certified RNG
Short bet durations
Third-party games integration option
Accumulator for larger payouts
Leaderboard system for a more social experience